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Popcorn and Philosophy

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There is one thing about today’s society that I recommend to future generations, until the end of time and there is no use for it any more. It is the art of story telling. For the first traces of man, it was through pictures. For slightly more civilized man, it was through speaking and interpretive movement. For the intellectual, it was through written words. For today’s man it is a combination, called the movie. Although I think civilization may have digressed slightly since ancient Rome, we still know how to communicate effectively in order to tell a story in such a way that it is embedded in the minds of others. For at least an evening after the viewing of a core-shaking, thought-provoking, representation of an individual’s story, man can be affected by watching a movie. If you refuse to pick up a book and let your imagination run its course, pop in a movie and witness the imagination of another brain. Walk in another’s shoes for at least two hours and ten minutes, including previews. A movie is a gem. One man’s movie is another man’s escape from the reality, in its most definitive terms. This must be why I find that art of film to be so intriguing. I wonder how much energy is put into some of the most life-changing films. How can images on a screen, force me to spend the evening pondering my life, trying to plug my story into the life of the main characters that were created by the film makers? After watching a movie, I am forced to reflect on my life, my belief, my religion, and my loves, as I compare them to the life of another made-up character. Whether I watch a drama, thriller, comedy, chic flick, etcetera, I learn more about myself. I can only hope that one day, I will learn to create a film that can affect the lives of others, whether it strengthens their faith, forces them to question their faith, love more, hate less, lose old beliefs, gain new beliefs, or just spend time thinking about life.

A film can not only be a form of art, it can become a philosophical awareness of the soul, aroused by the smell of microwave popcorn.

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