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Parmenides and his followers

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n Parmenides - all reality is eternal, unchanging limited unity and being (One)

n Three Paths to Truth

1. being - “it is” *Accepted*

2. becoming - “it is not yet,” *Rejected,* resolves into non-being

3. nothing - “it is not” *Rejected*

n denies time, motion, and the senses as illusions—the “way of seeming”

n Parmenides is the seminal Pre-Socratic; after him, others react to his thought

n Melissus - the unchanging One must be spiritual and unlimited

n Zeno - created paradoxes to show the absurdity of motion

n e.g. The Racetrack – if it can be subdivided into units, it can be divided infinitely. But how can a runner cross an infinite number of points?

n e.g. An arrow in motion occupies a position in space at any given moment. But to occupy a position in space is to be a rest.

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