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n a Neo-Platonist (revived Plato’s thought); brought back a spiritual focus

Metaphysics - Four Hypostases (individual principles)

n emanation - each of the hypostases emanates (flows from) the one above

1. The One (the Good) - subsists within itself

2. Nous - the exemplars / forms are located here

3. World-Soul - Nature, encompasses all human souls

4. matter - good, but farthest from the One; hence, matter is on the verge of non-being and is the cause of evil because it resists order

n cosmogeny - Nous overflows from the One; it is actualized by contemplating the One, then turns around (conversio) and forms the World-Soul

n the World-Soul contemplates Nous; contemplation gives way to production and it expresses itself as matter, which it shapes to fit the exemplars in Nous

n the human soul is fallen into matter and must ascend to the One in four steps

1. rise above the senses and practice virtue

2. contemplate Nous to gain knowledge of philosophy and science

3. attain contemplative union with Nous

4. attain mystical union with the One

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