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The Pluralists

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n reconcile Parmenides’ unchanging One with the reality of change and motion

n Empedocles - the universe is composed of four elements (“many Ones”) which continually mix and remix, in a cycle, guided by two forces

Elements: Forces:

1. earth 1. Love - brings particles together

2. water 2. Strife - separates particles

3. air (strife may relate to the void / unlimited)

4. fire

n Anaxagoras - the universe is composed of permanent seeds (“many Ones”)

n each seed contains a portion of everything, and can become anything

n the Mind (Nous) brings out different of these hidden (latent) possibilities at different times, thus accounting for the change we observe

n Atomists (Democritus and Leucippus) - reality is composed of small, indestructible atoms (“many Ones”) which arrange and re-arrange themselves, separated by a void

n do not consider God or a universal order; a reduction of reality to randomnes

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