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From birth we have looked to authority for answers in an uncertain world. In “Beyond Good and Evil,” Friedrich Nietzsche says, “The noble type man regards himself as determiner of values, he does not require to be approved of, he passes judgment.” People in authority are people that have the power to control other people (subjects). Control is justified by a façade of legitimacy. Most authority claims to have knowledge to justify their rule. Some authority claims that their subjects have freedom and are not controlled by them. For an example, a job does not pay well; the employee (subject) can take his work elsewhere. But when you analyze the situation, authority has the resources to wait, while the laborer does not, they must work to survive. Determinism is also used as a façade of legitimacy, rationalized by fate, divine providence (religion), or social Darwinism. Determinism is a view that is always self-serving to the claim maker.

Authority assimilates their subjects into conformity by creating social norms. Norms are enforced using tradition, rewards and laws to teach, persuade or force subjects into assimilation. This molding is called social control.

From birth, subjects are taught conformity is good and deviance is bad. Authority teaches subjects norms early in their lives. The more norms the subjects know, the better approval of the established society will be. Approval and rewards for compliance to learned norms, and punishment to subjects who deviate from the norms.

Authority attempts to segregate its subjects into deviants and conformists. To label a subject a deviant is criminalizing the subject. To achieve this classification, the authority sets up schools to see if the subject will comply in obedience to the conformity of school. Subjects who receive a high school diploma pass the criteria of conformity, while the subjects who do not graduate are separated and denied economic advancement through legal means.

This process segregates the deviants who cannot or will not cope with social conformity. Authority knows that deviants who can conform, but keep a deviant mindset are more dangerous to their authority than deviants who cannot conform. To find these secret deviants, authority designates certain drugs illegal and a danger to society (more over their authority.) However, in their explanation (health, addiction, and such), they cannot distinguish why illegal drugs (hemp, LSD, cocaine) are different from legal drugs (sugar, tobacco, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and other clinical drugs). Because secret deviants will often try illegal drugs, authority institutes drug tests to deny economic advancement to them, and if convicted of a drug offence, the subject is denied college aid and other government programs. Still, secret deviants slip through the authority’s net.

Once legitimate economic advancement is denied, subjects are forced into criminal behavior. Authority has the power to create, and enforce law. Consequently, enforcements tend to focus on crimes committed by poor and deviant subjects, such as drug crimes or crimes against life or property. Authority designates their crimes as white-collar and corporate crimes. People in high authority will very rarely be punished for crimes they create. Corporate crimes are rarely enforced and if enforced, it is by regulatory agencies outside of the criminal justice system, such as Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies have little recourse, and will give out fines instead of prison time. In 1998, .07% of all people sentenced to U.S. Federal prisons were white-collar criminals, compared to 58.9% classified as drug offenders (Federal Bureau of Prisons 1998). This focus gives the impression that only poor people are immoral and dishonest. This is best represented in Fox’s television show “COPS.” You never see the police bust a bank embezzler in “COPS.” The fact is that dishonest behavior exists no matter if the person is a deviant, conformist, or authority.

In Vietnam (1969) U.S. Navy Seal squadron led by former Senator Bob Kerrey killed more than 20 unarmed civilians, most women and children. He is not held accountable. Kissinger (1973) organized a military coup to kill the democratic leader of Chile and install Gen. Augusto Pinochet, and then helped him murder thousands of opposition figures to his illegal government. He is not held accountable. In Iraq and Yugoslavia, our bombs massacred soldiers and civilians who have no way of defending themselves against our weaponry. (An analogy would be shooting down Indians armed with bow and arrow with machine guns.) We call the cold-blooded massacres "routine" and civilian deaths "collateral damage." When the Chinese embassy is bombed, no one is held accountable and our authority justifies it as collateral damage. President (select) Bush has carried out 154 executions of human beings, and justifies this cold-blooded murder of defenseless people as "deterrent and justice." The FBI conspires to withhold evidence in the Timothy McVeight trial making the trial a kangaroo court, and yet authority still kills him. The power elite controls who are held accountable to the laws they forge.

The power elite is those international capitalist whose decision decide the fate of millions of people worldwide. These internationalists exploit their subjects’ nationalism (ego) for their own capital benefits. They hide behind corporations, and become invisible gods, controlling the social norms for millions of people. But without you, there is no deviance, no conformity, nor even God.

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