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One’s Theory on Creation

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Bob Dylan said in Every Grain on Sand, “Sometimes I turn and there is some one there, other times it is only me.” This thesis will dialog Dylan’s assertion and its possibilities. It will not use rhetoric devoid of logic, or at least as much as one can when exploring the psychic. During the last six years I have conducted a series of mental experiments on myself. The experiments have led to this thesis. However, this theory is not absolute, it is ongoing, therefore I encourage your rebuttals and enlightenments. Also, the use of my personal experiments will not be used as evidence for this thesis, because though they had a profound revaluation upon my world, they have no relation to yours. Instead, I will employ common knowledge with logic to provide evidence for this thesis. According to Plato, any knowledge attained through your senses is distorted. The only truths come from pure reasoning, such as mathematics. He believed human senses could never be exact, but math deals with truths. Therefore, he reasoned that math is outside time and space. Newton’s work The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy related math back to the physical world, saying the world is based on mathematical phenomena (physics). But, he might even admitted that you can make a perfect 90-degree angle in theory (math), you can never make one in the physical world.

Computer program languages are based on mathematics. But the basics of all computer programs and languages are just a varied series of ones and zeros. From these series, with the use of hardware, a program can create color, sound, and computations of variables. You, using your computer, can even create a virtual reality.

Have you ever thought you were in a program, that your universe is predetermined? Do you believe in fate?

The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word.” For this to be true you must have a duality. From two you get internal dialog; in which you contemplate consciousness. From consciousness’ duality you create a program. The soul has consciousness, but does not have the reason why it exists or a purpose. So your consciousness created a game.

It made a program with a beginning an end (time). Then it made an environment in which it would have the illusion of phenomena. This environment also would demonstrate competition. You refer to this as your time and space (reality). With time and space, your consciousness created a sensual probe (corporeal body). Your corporeal body would have desire (Will) and fear (the program’s term). This gives the corporeal body an ego. The last thing your soul needed to do is forget it was the creator (learn to forget). This is done at your birth.

When you were born, you had forgotten your previous entity. You abandon yourself, except for strange desires and an environment (program) allowing you to be reprogrammed through your sense by your own created program. With this, you yourself started the game.

This game would have a purpose; with any game there must be an element of competition. The naturalist Charles Darwin observed this competition (Survival of the Fittest) is self-evident in nature and in humanity. It gives you an illusion of a purpose in forms of instinctual drives (desires). But this purpose (Will) is like the Myth of Sisyphus; it can never be completed. For example, you are hungry, you eat, and in awhile you will be hungry again.

This “Struggle for Survival” causes you suffering or emotional swings. This Will you provided yourself with for the purpose is ultimately without purpose. In this thesis I adopted the Buddhist idea that the world is illusion and life is essentially suffering. I also borrowed the definition of Will from the philosopher, Arnold Shophenhauer. But my Self-Creation theory is different than both these philosophies.

Once you figured out the folly of the Struggle for Survival, you must free yourself from past karma you collected in your pursuit of this false purpose. Jesus said forgiveness is the hardest thing to achieve, but you must forgive yourself, remember it all starts with you. You also must not be dominated by anything. You are the ruler of this dream, do not let the dream rule you. Remember what the Bible’s First Commandment says, “I am the lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” Last you must live life, not for competition, but for the experience; for the knowledge you gain from every situation you put yourself in. Maybe then you will find the real purpose in this game we call life.

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