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The Ta-Sin Of Understanding

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1. The comprehensions of created natures are not attached to reality, and reality is not attached to created natures. Thoughts (which come) are adherences, and the adherences of created natures do not attach themselves to realities. The perception of reality is difficult to acquire, so how much more difficult is the perception of the reality of the Reality. Furthermore, Allah is beyond reality, and reality does not in itself imply Allah.

2. The moth flies about the flame until morning, then he returns to his fellows and tells them of his spiritual state with the most eloquent expressions. The he mixes with the coquetry of the flame in his desire to reach perfect union.

3. The light of the flame is the knowledge of reality, its heat is the reality of reality, and Union with it is the Truth of the reality.

4. He was not satisfied with its light nor with its heat, so he leapt into it completely. Meanwhile, his fellows were awaiting his coming so that he could tell them of his actual vision since he had not been satisfied with hearsay. But at that moment, he was being utterly consumed, reduced and dispersed into fragments, and he remained without form or body or distinguishing mark. Then in what sense can he return to his fellows? And in what state now that he has obtained? He who had arrived at the vision became able to dispense with reports. He who arrives at the object of his vision is no longer concerned with the vision.

5. These meanings do not concern the negligent man, nor the transitory man, nor the man of wrong action, nor the man who follows his whims.

6. Oh you who are uncertain, do not identify ?I am? with the Divine ?I? - not now, nor in the future, nor in the past. Even if the ?I am? was a consummated gnostic, and if this was my state, it was not the perfection. Even though I am His I am not He.

7. If you have understood this, then understand that these meanings were not true from anyone except Muhammad, and ?Muhammed is not the father of any one of your men,? but the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets. He absented himself from men and jinn, and he closed his eyes to ?where? until there no longer remained any veil on the heart nor any falsehood.

8. There was a ?length of two bows? lengths or nearer,? when he reached the desert of the ?knowledge of reality,? he reported from the outward heart. When he arrived to the truth of the reality he left his desire there and gave himself up to the Bountiful. When he reached the Truth he returned and said: ?the inward heart has prostrated to You, and the outward heart has believed in You.? When he reached the Furthermost Limit he said: ?I cannot praise You as You should be praised.? When he reached the reality of the reality he said: ?You are the only One who can praise Yourself.?

He renounced his desire and followed his vocation, ?the heart did not lie about what it saw? at this station near the Lote-Tree of the Boundary. He did not turn to the right to the reality of things, nor to the left to the reality of reality. ?His eyes swerved not, nor swept away.?

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