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The theory behind “Crito?by Plato, is that you must put the welfare of the state above your own. In “Crito,?Socrates stated, “against your father you have no equal rights, or against your master.?And before that he implies that you are an off spring and a slave to the state. President John F. Kennedy said, “Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.?This theory is called, “State above self.?

In The Republic, Plato theorized that the perfect state would have a philosopher-king, with an authoritarian hierarchy. Guardians would protect this elite government. At the bottom of this caste pyramid would be the laborer. Of course the state would allow you to move up and down if you merited the attributes it needed in its hierarchy. Plato’s state would have an artistic censorship (only an art that promotes the state would be allowed.) Citizens (subjects) would not be permitted to raise their children, meaning forfeit their parental authority to the state. Subjects would not be able to own property or endeavor for their own self-interest; and all their endeavors would be for the state. These are definitely National Socialist ideals. Socrates and Plato are therefore the fathers of Nazism.

Now when I say Nazism, I do not insinuate that Socrates or Plato encouraged genocide. Neither do I believe they wanted to destroy the subjects of the state that did not serve a productive purpose for the state. I do not want you to be persuaded by the emotional prejudices of the word Nazism. But I do want you to use logic instead. However, a socialist nationalist state would enviably progress to this agenda. Maybe not in the blatant manner of Adolf Hitler (the philosopher king) of National Socialist Germany did. But the state would render it in a more sophisticated method.

For an example, you do drugs in the United States: you are a criminal, not because you are hurting or hindering someone else, but because you are considered a non-productive unit of society.

Aside from the before-mentioned moral repercussion, what is wrong with a nationalist socialist state? It is definitely the best government for the state, producing the greatest productivity of the populace of the society. But what does that accomplish?

It accomplishes the strongest state possible, so the society can achieve its goals.

But, what goals?

Let us analyze this from a different perspective. Is the state for the individual, or is the individual for the state?

Yes, your state did give you life, nurture you, and protect you. But the state did these benevolent acts, not out of charity, but for its own pernicious goals. You never had a choice in whether you were born or not. And yes, with the theory of pre-determinism, the state is trying to mold you into a tool that it can use. Just like a corporation, the state is a living entity, with a will. And it is toiling, desiring something it can never achieve.

People create states hoping they will provide them with their desires. Such as a king will make a state so he can live in opulence, or the American Colonies making a state for the individual, saying the state will provide life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for each of its citizens. But once the state is created, it invariably strives to control its citizens (subjects.) Every state will try to eventually become the subsequent independent entity, using its subjects for its will, trying to manipulate its government into a national socialist embodiment.

The state uses desire ( a paradox) for its subjects. Humans are compelled with desire (will) to live and reproduce. This brings upon the individual emotional ups and downs, which control their lives. ‘You must have a fortune, so you can provide security for your mate and your children.’ The state uses this desire to enslave you to materialism. With this motivation the state puts gold over your head and tells you to jump, jump, and jump some more, institutionalizing you in a never-ending game of toiling. In such a game you will never be satisfied with your position in life.

You could come to the conclusion that life is pre-determined by the state. Therefore your fate is already determined.

Yes, everything is predetermined to your senses. Every human’s habitual concepts (except instinctual) are learned from your senses. But who is at the center of your senses? Who can produce a whole world in a dream? Who can hallucinate and alter this corporeal reality? Who can end this world if they choose? You are your own governor (the creator) of this universe. So make some actions against your desires and get some re-actions. This life is for you and you only. No one has the right to dominate you, not even the state. Do not be a pawn, think for yourself and be free. As one of our greatest presidents once said, a state “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

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