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The Ta-Sin Of The Declaration Of Unity

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1. He is Allah the Living.

2. Allah is One, Unique, Alone and testified as One.

3. Both are One and the profession of Unity of the One are in Him and from Him.

4. From Him comes the distance that separates others from His unity. It can be represented thus:

5. The knowledge of Tawhid is an autonomous abstract cognizance, and is represented thus:

6. The Tawhid is an attribute of the created subject who pronounces it, and it is not an attribute of the Object professed as one.

7. If I being created say ?I? did I make Him also say ?I?? My Tawhid comes from me then, not from Him. He is free (munazzah) of me and my Tawhid.

8. If I say ?The Tawhid returns to the one who professes it? then I make it a created thing.

9. If I say ?No, the Tawhid comes from the Object it testifies to,? then what relation attaches the unifier to his profession of Unity?

10. If I say ?Then the Tawhid is a relation which attaches the Object to the subject,? then I have turned this into a logical definition.

Diagrams: The Tawhid is separate from Allah, and this symbol of wahdahiya is represented by alif with several dals in it. The alif being the Essence and the dals the Attributes.

The uniqueness: The primordial alif of the essence with the other alifs, which are the created forms, subsists on the primal alif.

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