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In Spite of Life

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A paralyzing ailment has infected the human animal: in spite of life. Where does this dreadful sickness come from?

The disease is conceived in the domestication of the human animal. An animal thrives in the wild, where it is free to follow its instincts. The human is naturally free, powerful, and healthy, but when the beast becomes tame, it is transform into a pathetic powerless slave.

But how does a free animal plunge from such love for one’s life, to such hatred for its very being?

The sick animal has inherited slavery form its depraved parents. An analogy is a domesticated animal; its only role models are its caged parents. The creature’s parents and other authorities reward submissiveness, the animal is told, if it is docile it will be awarded by a higher power, and it will go to heaven at its term. Life is nothing but suffering the creature is told, “Escape your life in your so termed free time by letting my entertainment center program you.”

What rubbish, deceit and cleverness! Incarcerating life by habitual beliefs derived from a mastermind. These habitual slave beliefs have matured in a free mind from birth, until the mastermind has built a reality for the sick animal that is free from conflict, and power. The slave becomes hypersensitive to feel the slightest amount of physiological pain, like a dog that has been beaten; the subject cowers in fear, unable to act. The ugly sickness spreads through pity and hope, contagious as small pocks and addictive as opiates.

Why is this spite, this masochism so addictive?

The mastermind has fostered the enjoyment of bondage, discipline, dominance, and, submission. The sick animal enjoys being meek, turning one’s head to a slap, to take the next hit, to be enslaved, prostrated on their hands and knees, crying for pity, being a martyr, giving one’s self to the powerful master. The abuses of castration and rape, the sick animal craves, to suffer is what the powerful master wants, to bear the Cross. This is all dreadful to the free powerful creature, but to the slave it is pleasurable, grand, and deserved! This cancer that grows, perverting evolution into nihilistic nothingness.

Luke, you infidel from Arivaca, how evil of you, to invalidate my inherited slavery! You are going to my Mastermind’s hell.

Only in your underworld will you find hell, you slave! Oh, look at the personas, horrible illusions that people role-play. Some role-play so well that they fool themselves, believing in a bedtime story that their mastermind has created. Talk to a Border Patrol Agent, are you talking to a real person, or a mask? Talk to your Christian leaders, are you talking to a real person or is there only illusion? Go deeper, past the social images, there is nothing behind the masks. See our patriots, go past the flags on their SUVs, past the stench of death it represents, and you find nothingness! The person is lost in the mastermind’s corporate complex.

What is life, compared to the nothingness of Death? Life is power. Power is the freedom to create. If you look at life as all you, then any malice you do, is against yourself. Do you have to be a mastermind? No, only master what is yours to master, and what is yours, you must create. Know that the masterminds do what they will; the slaves do what they must. This powerlessness is the source of the human animal’s disease in spite of life.

The life, which Mother Gaea lovingly gave you, is for your powerful imagination. Your attention is your God. Spend it away for someone else if you want, make believe, have a master, or use your power to create from Mother Gaea a world without spite. Mother Gaea was not spiteful when she gave birth to humanity from chaos, so do not be spiteful to her, like a spoiled child would be, not realizing the harm they have done. Instead, love her, yourself and life.

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