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The Ta-Sin Of Purity

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1. Reality is something very subtle and minute in its description, the paths of access to it are narrow, and on them one encounters sighing fires beside deep deserts. The stranger follows these paths and informs about what he has experienced in the forty Stations such as:

1. manners (adab) 2. awe (rahab) 3. fatigue (nasab) 4. serach (talab) 5. wonder (?ajab) 6. perishing (?atab) 7. exaltation (tarab) 8. avidity (sharah) 9. probity (nazah) 10. sincerity (sidq) 11. comradeship (rifq) 12. emancipation (litq) 13. setting out (taswih) 14. rest (tarwih) 15. discernment (tamyiz) 16. witnessing (shuhud) 17. existence (wujud) 18. enumeration (?add) 19. labor (kada) 20. restitution (rada) 21. dilation (imtidad) 22. preparation (I?dad) 23. isolation (infirad) 24. captivity (inqiyad) 25. attraction (murad) 26. presence (hudur) 27. exercise (riyada) 28. circumspection (hiyata) 29. regret for things lost (iftiqad) 30. resistance (istilad) 31. consideration (tadabbur) 32. perplexity (tahayyur) 33. reflection (tafakkur) 34. patience (tasabbur) 35. interpretation (ta?abbur) 36. non-acceptance (rafd) 37. strong criticism (naqd) 38. observation (ri?aya) 39. taking a guide (hidaya) 40. beginning (bidaya)

The last Station is the Station of the people of Serenity of Heart and purification

2. Each Station has its own gift of which one part is conceivable and the other not.

3. Then the stranger entered the desert and crossed it and embraced and comprehended the whole of it. He did not find anything familiar or useful, either on the mountain or on the plain.

4. ?When Musa accomplished the term? he left his people since reality was going to take him as ?his?. And yet he was satisfied with indirect information without direct vision, and there should be a difference between him and the best of mankind (Muhammad). Therefore he said: ?Perhaps I will bring you some information.? (20.10)

5. If the Well-Guided was pleased with indirect information how shall he who searches the route not suffice himself with an indirect trace.

6. From the Burning Bush, on the side of Sinai what he heard speak from the Bush was not the Bush nor its seed but Allah.

7. And my role is like this Bush.

8. So reality is reality and the created is created. Reject your created nature, that you may become Him, and He, you - in respect to reality.

9. I-ness is a subject, and the object defined is also a subject in reality, so how is it defined?

10. Allah said to Musa: ?You guide to the Proof, not to the Object of the Proof. And as for Me I am the Proof of every proof.

11. Allah made me pass by what is reality By grace of a contract, a pact, and an alliance. My secret is a witness without my created personality. This is my secret and this is reality

12. Allah enunciated my knowledge with me from my heart. He drew me near to Him after I had been so far from Him. He made me His intimate and chose me.

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